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What's New at Glenn Land Farm?

Due to the increasing cost of and decreasing supply of irrigation water and the level of energy of the owners, the scope of the livestock enterprises at Glenn Land Farm has been reduced.  One hundred, thirty acres has been leased for an almond orchard leaving 60 acres for irrigated pasture and 40 acres for winter cattle pasture.  The result is that the ewe numbers have been reduced to 100 (50 Dorpers and 50 White Dorpers) and the cow numbers to 20. We used this opportunity to just keep the very best ewes and cows.  In addition, we added some high quality Dorper sheep from Powell, Holman, Otten and HiJo. The addition of the fullblood Dorpers has given us a much broader buyer base. In addition, we currently have an dditional 30 recip ewes because we are adding fullblood White Dorpers using foundation ewes from Texas and embryos from Dell in Australia.
Our sheep are registered with the American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society and we are also members of the Western States Dorper Sheep Association.  We are charter members of the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association and are also members of the American Dexter Cattle Association.

Our farm is located in the Sacramento Valley, along Interstate 5, 90 miles north of Sacramento and 150 miles Northeast of San Francisco. Traveling from the north or south on I-5, simply take Exit 614 (Road 27) just south of Orland. We are on the West end of Road 27. Our address is 6352 County Road 27, Orland, CA 95963.

Wes retired after teaching for 35 years at California State University, Chico. He taught Animal Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding, Ag Leadership, Undergraduate Research Methods and Sheep Production. Since retirement Wes has devoted his time to developing the new ranch, breeding high quality Dexter cattle and Dorper and White Dorper Sheep. Jane has taught part time at the local community college, raised two sons and produced and shown breeding sheep and project lambs for 4-H and FFA exhibitors across the country. Jane spends her “spare” time apart from the ranch work, crafting decorative items and gourds which she sells at craft fairs and livestock events.

We would love to hear from you concerning questions about Dexter cattle or our sheep flock. Please see our sales pages for cattle and sheep for sale. Please e-mail or call us with inquiries.

Future Plans:

Dexter cattle: The demand for Dexter cattle has been brisk and we will not be able to increase the size of our herd in the near future because of the drought, so we will have some of our best cattle available in our online Production Sale in October.  Watch for updates on the sale. We will continue to have lines of black, dun and red cattle, including both horned and polled animals. We will continue to do genetic testing to allow buyers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Our A.I. bulls all come from good milking lines and are all free of chondro and PHA.  Glenn Land Mr Tor and Glenn Land Mr Fire Man are both A2/A2. Glenn Land Mr Baird is our newest addition to our A.I. sires.  He is A2/A2, Pc/Pc, E+/E+, 39” at the shoulder at two years of age and quite gentle.

Mr Redfire, Mr Shawn and Mr Fire Man are all registered with both the PDCA and ADCA. We introduced English genetics from Beryl Rutherford's Hedgehog III bull and transferred fresh embryos from one of our best females.

The Glenn Land Farm Dexter herd was established in 1989 based on bloodlines from Missouri, Idaho, Oregon and California. Original cattle were selected for their conformation, temperment and calving ease. During the past 20+ years these traits have been emphasized plus uniformity of type has been established. We now have a larger selection of breeding animals and steers available. Our cattle are run on irrigated pasture in the summer and on native pasture in the winter and little or no supplemental feed is required.


Online Sale: We will continue to have our annual online sale in October and provide the lab test results that our buyers demand to make informed selections.  The cattle will be eligible for registry in the PDCA or ADCA.  Lab testing will be done at the UC Davis Vet Genetics Lab.


White Dorper Sheep: The demand for our White Dorpers has been very strong and we are pleased that significant numbers of rams are finding their way into commercial flocks across the country. The fact that dorpers finish on pasture, produce mild flavored meat and are easy-care is driving the demand.We have been using Australian genetics for several years through A.I. and will continue to improve our flock in this manner. We sell ewes and rams to people who want to stop shearing and have easy care sheep. Our market lambs find their way into a variety of ethnic markets and to upscale supermarkets and restaurants in California's wine country and the San Francisco Bay Area.



Dorper Sheep: Since we get a lot of inquiries for Dorpers we have added a flock of high quality ewes and rams to meet that demand. Through the use of A.I. and the purchase of high quality rams we are now able to offer production oriented, fullblood ewes and rams that work for graziers, niche market producers and clients that want to be competitive in the show ring.